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Biology Help

what types of sperm cells can be produced in spermatogenesis with non_disjunction of chromatids of autosomes 18 in anaphase 2 show the frequency of the sperm types if the non.disjunction frquency is 24%
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Saturday, 21 May 2011


(3 pages Writeup)
 TCP SYN Flood

 You have created a Web traffic stream between the client and the server nodes.

Answer the following questions

1. Explain how the TCP SYN flood attack works.
2. Explain how SYN cookies work to prevent denial-of-service effect from SYN flood attack?
3. Explain why the amount of legitimate traffic increases during the attack? (hint – if you did tcpdump at the server node-check that).
4. If we remove spoofing from the attack and do the attack without SYN cookies, can you explain what happens? And why it happens? For hints you can think about looking at traffic patterns on the server node.
5. Can you modify the attack in any way so that it is effective without spoofing and how would you do this?
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(2 pages Writeup)
 Importance of electro-negativity!!!!
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(6 - 7 pages Writeup)
 1.2. Predict the problems that TSDC would have experienced in the long term without EAM campaign (10marks)
1.3 One of the problems experienced by TSDC was that each major business line operated more or less autonomously, and viewed its IT needs as specialized. Even in areas such as HR and finance. Recommend solutions to the problems outlined above by discussing how hardware, software, and data base management systems could be used in the EAM campaigns
. QUESTION 2 Enterprise software is built around thousands of business processes that reflect best practices. Supply chain planning systems provide information up and down the chain and help everyone involved to do better forecasting while customer relationship management systems gather customer information, from all corners of business, consolidate the information and the provide it to the organization’s customer touch points.
 2.2 Using examples, explain how supply chain planning systems can achieve the following:
• Generate demand forecasts
• Develop sourcing and manufacturing plants
• Share information about changes.
 • Develop better demand planning
• Manage the flow of products through distribution centers and warehouses,
• Coordinate activities with supply chain patners.
• Handle complex inter dependancies among various supply chain processes
• Allow users to balance the costs of transportation delivery and handling (24Marks)

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(8 - 9 Pages Writeup)
Management information Systems
Why business needs should shape IT architecture.
Read the article and answer the following questions.
Explain the ways in which enterprise systems help business achieve operational excellence?
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Friday, 20 May 2011

Miscellaneous Questions!!!


A canning company packages canned soup for a major soup manufacturer for distribution to regional wholesalers. The company processes 5,000 cans of soup each day using an automated packaging machine that is programmed to fill each can with 14.0 ± 0.1 ounces net weight of soup. The company's quality assurance process consists of randomly selecting five cans from the production line each hour and carefully weighing them. Each hour's sample group is considered acceptable if no less than four out of the five cans examined weigh 14.0 ± 0.1 ounces. Sample observations for a 24-hour production run are reflected in the table below. 

Hour Sample 1 Sample 2 Sample 3 Sample 4 Sample 5
1 13.98 13.93 14.01 14.06 14.05
2 14.08 13.89 13.98 14.05 13.94
3 13.96 13.91 13.9 13.95 13.96
4 13.89 13.97 13.97 14.00 13.98
5 13.98 13.98 14.06 13.99 13.99
6 13.97 14.09 14.04 14.11 13.96
7 14.08 13.91 14.02 14.04 14.09
8 13.99 13.97 14.03 13.98 14.03
9 13.92 13.95 13.92 13.98 13.99
10 14.00 13.98 14.1 13.91 13.96
11 13.87 14.07 13.93 13.96 14.03
12 14.02 14.04 14.02 13.93 13.94
13 14.03 14.01 13.95 13.98 14.00
14 14.02 14.00 13.95 14.09 14.02
15 14.00 14.04 14.04 13.96 13.95
16 14.05 13.93 13.92 14.03 14.03
17 14.11 14.07 14.06 14.00 14.00
18 14.02 13.99 13.94 13.91 14.04
19 14.02 14.03 14.01 13.94 14.06
20 13.98 13.95 13.95 13.97 13.97
21 13.97 14.04 14.02 13.96 14.06
22 13.91 14.02 13.99 14.00 13.96
23 13.97 14.04 14.04 14.02 14.03
24 14.08 14.01 14.02 14.09 13.98

Prepare an x-bar chart and R-chart that reflect a 99.7% confidence level in order to answer the following questions:

2. What is the x-bar LCL? 

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Fluid Dynamics and Pressure

A vertical pipe conveying water tapers from 50 mm in diameter at the top to 25 mm in diameter at the bottom in a length of 1.8 m. A pressure gauge is connected at the top section and a second gauge is fitted at the bottom section. What is the flow rate of water when the gauges show a pressure difference between the top section and the bottom one to be 31 kN/m2. (ans.: 0.3 m3/min, 300 kg/min)
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Civil Engineering Assignment Help

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Database Assignment Help

Create an Unformatted Work Order report which displays when a work order is assigned to a crew
The ability to assign WO’s has already been complete you just need to create the report that displays the information.
Add a button to the assign work order form to display the report mentioned above when you click on it.
Create a report that displays the information already displayed in the open work order form. This report should be called the open work order report.
New order Entry form
-Property ID
-Assigned date from Client
-Entered Date (auto)
-Original client request (attachment)
-Client Comments
-(if it is an initial create a -1 WO and a -2)
[saves to a temporary file for review before posting to database, no posting double entries, auto produce report on contradicting entries]

Unassigned Work Order Form
-Property ID (static)
-Address (Static)
-Zipcode (static)
Account Manager’s comments
Account manager’s Activities request
Assigned Date (auto)
Estimated completion date
Add Activity types
Unit of measure

Adjust Property ID form
Property ID (static)

Zipcode to City table

Open Work Order Report
Property ID
Work Order Status
Due Date
Account Manager

Work Order Processing Form
-Property ID (static)
-Address (Static)
-Zipcode (static)
Assigned Crew (Static)
AM requested Activities (static)
AM Comments (static)
Estimated completion date (static)
Assigned by 
Actual Activities
Field Comments
Inventory Items Used
Due Date extension (y/n)
Due date extension (date)
Arrival time (time)
Completion time (time)
Photos taken
Link to photos taken
Cubic Yards Removed (on trashouts)
Dumpster ordered (on trashouts)
Photos for each activity (server location)
Length x with (if grasscuts)
Type of Trip charge(if trip charge)
[track trip charges by property id]

Update Crews Form

Work Order Completion Report
Work Order
Activities Performed
Due Date 
Field Comments
Date Completed
Post completion comments

Admin Processing Form
Work Order
Property ID
Due Date
Date Completed in the field
Photos Uploaded By
Do photos support work?
Location of scanned backup (server location)
Post Completion comments

Work Order Revenue Estimate Report
Work Order
Property ID
Actual Activities

Total Revenue

Daily Revenue Estimate
Assigned date
Completion date
Total Revenue
Daily revenue
Daily rev goal
Weekly Revenue Report
Assigned date
Completion date
Total revenue
Weekly revenue
YTD revenue
MTD revenue
Annual Revenue Goal
Monthly Revenue goal
Weekly Revenue goal
Daily revenue goal
Amount over the goal
Amount over x 3%

Bid form
Cost per activity
Date of initial bid
Date assigned to 180
Estimated completion date
Sub estimate
Estimated revenue

Upload Monthly Janitorial 

Upload Triweekly addresses

Monthly Work orders by type
Monthly zipcodes 
Vehicle Maintenance report
Inventory Usage Report
Estimated Net Income Report
Invoicing Form
Property ID
Invoice Number

-how to dont allow manual edit to the tables ,and just forms should do that
2-after building the report,the viewer should be able to add extra values to the report .
3-for example fill the form which is directly connected to data base and clear the txt boxes if the user decide that he doesnt want the record.
4-create login screan with password.
5-we try this but tink its hard to do it directly
have for example the supervisor able view and update but for example the workers not just to view ,more likely set rights for the users
create a report and then be able to exchange the information on them for example if there 6 txt boxes 
and the report fill 4 of them when we ran it,the user can actually go to this report and fill the other 2 and add edit the other 4
all this should be done in MS Access

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Suppose you need to sort a relation of 40 gigabytes, w/4 kb blocks, 
using a memory size of 40 mgbytes. 
Suppose the cost of seek is 5milliseconds, while the disk transfer
rate is 40mgbytes per second. 
a. Find the cost of sorting the relation , in seconds, w/bb = 1 & 
w/ bb= 100.

b. In each case, how many merge passes are required?
c. Suppose a flash storage device is used instead of a disk , and 

it has a seek time of 1 microsecond, and a transfer rate of 40 
mgbytes per second . Recompute the cost of sorting the relation, 
in seconds, w/bb= 1 & w/bb= 100, in this setting.

The question is from the textbook "Database System Concepts" 6th 
edition chapter 13 Query optimization

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Physics Help

Equilibrium of concurrent forces:- examples equilibrium forces. 
1 Page Write Up
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General Write Up Concepts

"No word Count

my sample organization is Le Mode Magazine

An important factor that influences how to implement an operating model is the level of maturity of the organization. The stages of maturity that have been identified in the textbook are:

•Business Silos Architecture – At this level of maturity, an organization is focused at the component level. The core activities or objectives are designed to support the one component without consideration of what the other components of the organization might be doing.

•Standardized Technology Architecture – At this stage of maturity, the organization is moving toward integration by consolidating the technology purchases at the enterprise level. For example, the organization may require all of the component businesses to purchase Windows and Cisco technology as the platform they use to support their work.

•Optimized Core Architecture – At this stage of maturity, the organization has begun to expand the commonality between their component businesses by integrating not only the technology that support them, but also the applications and data that are needed to run these businesses. For example, rather than having each component business do its own purchasing or create its own payroll, these activities are conducted using a common application and a central database.

•Business Modularity Architecture – This stage of maturity is difficult to achieve, and few organizations have managed to fully achieve it. This is the most mature stage. At this stage, an organization has become so standardized, and their components so integrated, that it is possible to add a new component (purchasing a new hospital, for example) and very quickly implement the technologies and processes that are used to manage the existing business components.

•Dynamic Venturing – This particular operating model is still, for the most part, conceptual in nature. The textbook does not cover dynamic venturing until far into the book. To reach this level of maturity, an organization must have achieved all of the objectives of the foundation for execution and the operating model. At this stage, it would be possible to grow the organization rapidly; acquiring or merging with existing businesses and dropping highly integrated and standardized technology, procedures, and processes into place, without effort or loss of productivity. The textbook describes some organizations that are theoretically reaching towards this stage of maturity.
This week, you are asked to consider the business that you have selected for your project and evaluate its stage of maturity. You will also be asked to support your choice by providing insight into why you think this is the level of maturity that exists for the organization.

Use the information provided in your sample organization (or, if you are using the project option, comparable information from the organization you chose) to examine and identify its current level of maturity. Write a short paper in which you do the following:

•Describe the current level of architecture maturity for the selected organization.

•Explain a set of recommendations for achieving greater maturity that addresses IT capabilities.
•Explain a set of recommendations for achieving greater maturity that addresses business objectives.

•Explains a set of recommendations for achieving greater maturity that addresses funding priorities.

•Explain a set of recommendations for achieving greater maturity that addresses key management capabilities.

•Explain a set of recommendations for achieving greater maturity that addresses responsibilities for defining applications.

•Explain a set of recommendations for achieving greater maturity that addresses IT governance issues.

•Explain your rationale for the stated recommendations.

•Follow APA style and formatting guidelines for references and citations, and create a document that is clearly written and free of grammatical " "

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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Networking Assignment Help

Part 1

You are tasked with writing rule sets for two firewalls that protect your network and form a DMZ. All traffic from your internal network to the Internet passes through the DMZ. All servers that are accessible from the Internet reside inside the DMZ. All computers inside the network (internal network and DMZ) have private IP addresses. All traffic to and from the Internet passes through a NAT device which is located just inside the perimeter firewall. All computers on this network are Windows computers

Servers in the DMZ
Service Public IP Address Private IP Address Comments
DNS Uses TCP for zone transfers, services DNS lookup requests from all computers in the internal network and DMZ
Email SMTP
Proxy Not accessible from the Internet. Client computers connect to the proxy service on port 8080

Clients on the internal network: All user workstations access web sites via the Proxy server. There are three different internal subnets:, and Computers on the subnet may access FTP servers on the Internet. Computers on the network may access an SSH server on the Internet with the IP address All computers on the internal network may access the company’s Email, DNS, FTP and web servers that reside in the DMZ.

Computers on the three internal subnets use dynamic NAT pools as follows when making connections to the internet.
Private IP address range NAT Pool through through through

Answer the following:
(1)Write the two rule sets for the two firewalls that will allow only the traffic described to flow.

Part 3

You are tasked with implementing a rule set for a firewall. Internal computers are running Windows operating systems.

(3) In the following table create a rule set to implement the following requirements.
• Internal users are allowed to access web servers on the Internet (both HTTP and HTTPS) but do so via a proxy server that has an IP address of
• Access to the following servers is not allowed:
• Users are allowed to directly access an SSH server running at
• Computers on the Internet should be allowed to connect to your email server (SMTP only) in order for your company to receive emails from other organizations. The IP address of the email server is
• Your email server must be able to connect to other email servers on the Internet to forward outgoing email (SMTP only).
• All other traffic is not allowed

Number Protocol Source Address Source
Port Destination Address Destination
Port Direction Action

Part #4

You are tasked with implementing a rule set for two firewalls protecting your network in a DMZ configuration. Internal computers are running Windows operating systems.

(4)In the following table create a rule set to implement the following requirements.

NAT occurs just inside the perimeter firewall.

DMZ Servers
Purpose Private IP Public IP
Web proxy
FTP Proxy
Web server - public
Web server – corporate only

Internal network servers
Purpose Private IP
Microsoft SQL Server Database

• User workstations are on the two subnets and
• User workstations can access web servers on the Internet (http and https) but only via a proxy server which resides in the DMZ
• User workstations can access ftp servers on the Internet but only via an FTP proxy server which resides in the DMZ
• User workstations can access the DNS server which resides in the DMZ

DMZ Servers
• Web proxy may access web servers on the internet
• FTP proxy may access FTP servers on the internet
• DNS server will accept incoming requests from both internal workstations and from the Internet.
• DNS server will accept zone transfer requests from other name servers on the internet
• The public web server will accept requests from the internet only via HTTP
• The corporate web server will accept requests from the internet only via HTTPS
• The corporate web server will make connections to the internal Microsoft SQL Server database on its default port.
• The email server will accept SMTP requests from the internal network and the Internet. It will also make SMTP requests to other email servers on the Internet.

Internal Server
• The internal Microsoft SQL Server database server will accept incoming connections from the corporate web server in the DMZ

Number Protocol Source Address Source
Port Destination Address Destination
Port Direction Action

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Mathematics Help

Please solve the following system of exponential equations: 1=ae^11b+c


Show all steps and briefly explain the steps as you go.

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 Customers arrive at a supermarket check-out counter following a Poisson distribution with an average arrival rate of 5 customers per hour. 

18. What is the probability of more than 5 customers arriving at the supermarket check-out counter in a given one hour period?

A. 0.56
B. 0.44
C. 0.38
D. 0.71

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A certain state is contemplating creating a weekly lottery, the revenues from which will be used to fund improvements in the state’s public education system. The commission chartered to develop the guidelines for the proposed lottery envisions using a process whereby six (6) balls will be randomly selected from a single bin containing a total of forty (40) balls, each of which is individually numbered 1 through 40, in order to determine the winning lottery numbers each week. Once a given ball has been randomly selected it will not be placed back in the bin before selecting the next ball. The commission is currently debating whether an individual should be required to pick the winning lottery numbers in a specific order or be allowed to pick them in a random order.

2. Assuming that the order in which the winning lottery numbers are selected is relevant (i.e., is important), what is probability of someone correctly selecting the six (6) winning lottery numbers?

A. 0.00000000026
B. 0.00000000066
C. 0.00000000036
D. 0.00000000078
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 (a) Determine a matrix that shears horizontally by a factor of 2 and then rotates anticlockwise about the origin by 45 degrees. Show graphically the effect of the transformation on the unit square.

(b) The mesh equations of a circuit are given by

i_1 + 1_2 + 2i_3 = 9
4i_1 + 4i_2 - 3i_3 = 3
5i_1 + i_2 + 2i_3 = 13

Check for diagonal dominance and solve the system of equations using Gauss-Siedel iteration. Perform three iterations with the zero vector and retain four decimal places in your working.

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 1 - Use the dual simplex method to solve the following LP:
Max Z = -2X1 - X3
s.t. X1 + X2 – X3 >= 5
X1 - 2X2 + 4X3 >=8
X1, X2, X3 >=0

2 – Use the simplex algorithm to find the optimal solution to the following LP:
Min Z = -4X1 + X2
s.t. 3X1 + X2 <= 6
- X1 + 2X2 <=0
X1, X2 >= 0

3 - A bank has two sites at which checks are processed. Site 1 can process 10,000 checks per day, and site 2 can process 6000 checks per day. The bank processes three types of checks: vendor, salary, and personal. The processing cost per check depends on the site (table below). Each day 5000 checks of each type must be processed. Formulate a balanced transportation problem to minimize the daily cost of processing checks. Only complete formulation needs to be submitted. Do not solve.

Site1 Site2
Vendor checks 5 cents 3 cents
Salary checks 4 cents 4 cents
Personal checks 2 cents 5 cents

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General Topics Help

'Sequential Label and Supply Company' (SLS)case study

Was Charlie exaggerating when he gave Peter an estimate for the time that would be required to crack the encryption key using a brute force attack? 

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'Sequential Label and Supply Company' (SLS) case study

What recommendation would you give Sequential Label and Supply Company for how it might select a security model?

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